The Glow Must Go On...

As the fall season starts to sneak up on us, it’s that time of the year where we all catch ourselves reminiscing on those warm summer days spent under the beaming sun. Whether you took a much-needed vacation or enjoyed the sun right from your balcony, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of fresh, glowing skin.

The sunshine may be on its way out, but that just means it’s time to prepare for the next two seasons, fall and winter! As temperatures drop and the air becomes crisper, your skin is vulnerable to some changes. Your skin is likely to lose its hydration around this time of the year and become dry and flaky.

Good news is, you no longer need to depend on the summertime to give your skin that irresistible and effortless sheen. We may not be able to provide the tan that usually comes with it, but we can show you how to achieve glowing skin no matter the season! 

The question is, what’s the secret to holding onto your healthy summer glow as long as possible? We’ll show you!


Hydrate Your Skin

First and foremost, replenishing your skin with a deep penetrating face cream is vital to glowing skin. We recommend The Face Cream for a couple of reasons. This vegan face cream is packed with essential skin-nourishing vitamins like vitamin C and E. It’s made with shea butter, which acts as a natural anti-inflammatory for the skin, reducing redness and irritation from days spent under the sun. Familiar with peptides? Great, because it’s another one of our key ingredients, one that works to boost collagen levels in the skin and fight early signs of aging due to sun exposure. but most importantly this time of the year, it contains high levels of allantoine and hyaluronic acid, two ingredients that work together to drench your skin with the hydration that it needs. Allantoine in particular, rejuvenates your skin with anti-aging properties that boost cell renewal.  

Now we’re pretty sure you’ve at least heard of CBD at this point, but maybe you had no idea that CBD infused skincare existed. We use 300mg of CBD to create the most effective CBD-infused face cream you’ll ever try! 

We recommend applying the face cream each morning and night to begin repairing and replenishing the skin with the most nourishing ingredients.


Lock-In that Moisture

There’s nothing quite like that post-vacay glow. A glow that’s so effortless and radiant that even the best makeup products can’t recreate it! If you’re obsessed with this healthy look, then our vegan face oil will become your skin's best friend. A face oil can deeply penetrate the skin and lock in the much-needed moisture, just in time to prepare for fall and winter months. We designed this all natural face oil formula to help fade blemishes, combat fine lines, improve uneven complexion, and hydrate even the driest of skin textures. 

Our CBD infused face oil is packed with ingredients that work wonders after summer to prepare your skin for the seasons ahead. Kalahari melon seed oil to plump the skin, marula seed oil to fight against UV induced skin aging, and rosehip seed oil to brighten dehydrated skin. 

The best part is, these are only a few ingredients that are responsible for turning otherwise dull, sunburnt, and damaged complexion into a refreshed, revitalized, and healthy glow. All of these nourishing and vitamin-packed plant oils allowed us to create a superfood for your skin! Your face will be thankful for giving it so much love.

Apply The Face Oil by using 6-8 drops and gently massage into your skin. Use religiously, both morning, night, and honestly, whenever your skin needs a hydration boost. 

Just like that, you’ll be able to keep that vacay-glow going all year long. Actually there really is no secret to radiant skin. All it takes is tender love and care, and of course, a little bit of help from our clean skincare products!