The Founder

All her life Maria has been, almost annoyingly, obsessed with the human body – how it works and how it interacts with nature’s elements. Chemistry is her thing. Her self-care journey began with yoga, travel and exploration of wellbeing rituals from all over the world. Which she complemented with an interest in plants, herbs and alchemy that would eventually lead her to CBD. Having fallen head over high heels for its extraordinary properties and being a critical skincare addict, Maria developed LALO®, eager to share her discovery with like-minded souls.

Maria: "As individuals, we’re constantly healing ourselves both mentally and physically. We grow and evolve nonstop, adding healthy habits and changing our bad ones, figuring out what works best for us. I added CBD to my personal skincare routine a while back, but it’s such a brilliant ingredient with so many great benefits that I couldn’t keep this knowledge to myself; I just had to create my own skincare line to share it with all of you. Sure, beauty shines from within, but there’s nothing wrong with practising self-care borne of self-love. In my opinion it’s even a necessity of nowadays life. Well here you go... here is LALO®, so that you can implement the wonders of CBD in your clean skincare ritual. May your skin be beaming!"

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