Clean beauty

We are in the era of the 'Clean Beauty' movement. The beauty industry vows "no nasties", a “chemical-free" and "nontoxic" skincare regime while its definition tends to vary. Since there is no legal or official standard yet, the CLEAN claim can be misleading.

At its core, 'clean beauty' means being more conscious about the beauty products we produce and purchase. The products should only contain nontoxic and noncontroversial ingredients that are proven safe and effective. In other words, clean products are formulated without a long, ever-evolving list of ingredients linked to adverse health effects from hormone disruption, to skin irritation and cancer. Also ingredients that could cause harm to the environment are a "nono" in clean beauty. Here are a few ingredients from that list which are avoided in clean beauty: parabens, phthalates, cyclic silicones, formaldehyde, synthetic fragrance,, ethoxylated ingredients, siloxane, sulphates and often also petroleum derivatives and phenoxyethanol.

As clean beauty is resonant with non-toxic beauty, it is not a necessity the product is natural. Synthetic materials can be equally or more efficient than its natural counterparts as long as they are proven safe, subjecting them under various researches and tests, they can be labeled clean. Therefore we could state clean-beauty brands utilize ingredients that are mostly natural or naturally derived and in some occasions those are combined with synthetic materials that are proven to be safe and non-toxic for skin and environment.


What does ‘CLEAN BEAUTY' mean to LALO®?

At LALO®, we adhere to practice conscious standard around the processes and ingredients. Our beauty line is made with nontoxic ingredients either beneficial for the health of the skin or to support the integrity and efficacy of the product. These aptly selected biocompatible ingredients are formulated to the most efficient level to help the wellbeing of the skin. Naturally our skincare range does not contain controversial ingredients and problematic contaminants which are linked to possible adverse health or environmental effects. Also, the cruelty-free symbol on all our products ensures that it has not been tested on animals. Clinging to the norms as mentioned earlier, we redefine the phenomenon of "clean" beauty. 

We believe in an honest conversation with customers and acting responsibly while understanding the difference between simply disclosing ingredients and having a poignant communication with consumers about what is in our products and why. You can contact us here anytime if you have any questions.