About LALO

LALO® is a European indie brand creating clean vegan-friendly formulations infused with broad spectrum CBD, bringing premium natural products which actually do what they promise.

LALO® was founded when a group of friends – an aesthetician, a herbalist and a cosmetic chemist – sat down together one night and plotted world domination by designing their perfect skincare range. And so, LALO® was born.

With the most cutting-edge collection of high performance plant-derived ingredients and a unique high concentration of CBD in all formulas, LALO® deeply comforts and nourishes the skin. All ingredients are carefully curated and dosed to create the most beneficial interaction with your skin to bring out the perfect radiance.

LALO® not only has high standards hand-picking every single ingredient and formulating for the finest results, but also when it comes to sustainability. LALO® is aiming for a positive environmental impact. This by choosing 100% cruelty-free ingredients, formulating without harsh chemicals and designing thoughtful packaging.