The Face Guasha


Enhance your daily skincare routine with The Face Guasha by LALO® made from 100% green aventurine. This ‘scraping’ technique with a gentle gliding motion has been used in Chinese healing therapy for centuries. It is a simple yet effective beauty complement transforming your regular routine into a luxurious spa experience. The unique heart-shaped tool and the gentle ‘scraping’ motion stimulate facial energy channels, aka meridians and sculpt the facial muscles. It leaves skin radiant with youthful contours. Plus, with gently applied pressure, it is perfect for relieving facial and jaw tension. 

Skincare Benefits of Gua Sha for the face

  • Its unique heart shape and gentle ‘scraping’ motion improve circulation, stimulating lymphatic drainage and oxygen flow.
  • Proper Lymphatic drainage depuffs the cheeks and under-eye bags as well as diminishes dark circles by stimulating.
  • Gua Sha redefines your skin, naturally revealing lifted and sculpted facial contours.
  • Gua Sha massaging stimulates collagen production that helps smooth wrinkles and fine lines.
  • It also allows better absorption of serums, creams and ofcourse The Face Oil
  • This deep massage technique relieves facial and jawline tension.
  • This complexion-enhancing Gua Sha improves texture, tone, and clarity with a healthy glow.

The Face Guasha by LALO® is made from 100% green aventurine- a form of quartz- which is believed to be a comforter and a heart healer. It brings about optimism, joy and zest for life while allowing you to feel more peace and harmony.

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