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Keep your lips hydrated, soft and plump with our CBD infused lip balm. The Lip Balm by LALO® is an excellent addition to your CBD skincare arsenal to prevent or treat dehydrated and chapped lips. It is a true lip’s lifesaver!

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  • Vegan-friendly formulations
  • High performance plant-derived ingredients
  • 100% cruelty-free ingredients

Moisturize your lips with our CBD infused lip balm

At LALO®, we believe that our lips deserve just as much attention as any other area of our face. So why not add a lip balm to your daily skincare routine, in addition to your daily vegan face cream? Apply your lip balm as soon as you wake up and right before you hit the sheets, just like your face cream. Our CBD infused lip balm is perfect for dry and damaged lips that deserve only the very best. The Lip Balm is also vegan, clean and will nourish the epidermis in depth to help reduce cracking and discomfort. The lip balm is not only infused with CBD for its anti-inflammatory properties, but also with castor oil to soothe and with jojoba esters to create a protective moisture barrier to keep your lips soft.


Order the lip balm that is perfect for damaged lips

The key to having soft lips and skin is to take proper care of them. Are you struggling with dehydrated, damaged and cracked lips? We have got your back! The soft buttery texture forms a protective layer packed with nutrients to recover your lips. Pro-tip: the lip balm can also be applied to other dry areas on the face or body. Order it today in our web shop or, in case you have any questions, contact us by filling in the contact form.