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A web store filled with natural and clean beauty products – does that not sounds like the ultimate dream? People become more and more conscious about the products and ingredients they put on their skin. It is all about being mindful about how to treat your skin, because there are a lot of ingredients which we think are better to avoid using on our skin.

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  • Vegan-friendly formulations
  • High performance plant-derived ingredients
  • 100% cruelty-free ingredients

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At LALO® we are opting for clean beauty, marrying the riches of natural resources and the latest in scientific breakthroughs. In our web shop with natural and clean beauty products you will find products that are formulated carefully for a safe, effective skincare product. We hear you thinking: what exactly is the difference? When we talk about clean beauty, we talk about non-toxic products with nature-derived ingredients. Natural beauty products only contain ingredients sourced solely from nature with zero added synthetics. At LALO® we are the biggest fan of natural and clean beauty: a resounding NO to ingredients linked to harmful health and environmental effects. In our web shop with natural, sustainable and clean beauty products you will find products, such as:

Each of these products are infused with CBD and contain handpicked natural and vegan ingredients. Say goodbye to dry, irritated skin and skin conditions and welcome the clean beauty products from our web shop.


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If you are left with any questions about our web shop’s clean beauty products, then please let us know! Our web store employees will answer all your questions about our natural beauty products with the best help and guidance. You can contact us by filling in the contact form.