The Body Guasha


Up your -sculpting and toning- game with The Body Guasha by LALO® - a modern take on an ancient beauty ritual. This beautifying and relaxing treatment uses the 'scraping' technique with a gentle gliding motion that feels like a lovely massage transforming your skincare routine into a luxury spa experience. The pressure of the tool on the skin stimulates blood circulation which helps to detoxify as well as it promotes better nutrition of the skin. Using The Body Guasha also improves lymphatic drainage for a glowing and more toned body. Plus, it acts as a cellulite and stretch marks eraser smoothing out the skin. 

The Body Guasha by LALO® is made from 100% green aventurine- a form of quartz- which is believed to be a comforter and a heart healer. It brings about optimism, joy and zest for life while allowing you to feel more peace and harmony.

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