The Rainbow Roller


This beauty tool is a simple yet effective addition to your selfcare ritual! Its gentle rolling motion soothes stressed skin, stimulates energy channels, and sculpts the muscles leaving the complexion calmed and radiant with youthful contours. Designed as a dual-ended tool- the large end is perfect for broad skin surfaces while the smaller end is suitable for the harder-to-reach areas like under the eyes and the chin. 

The Rainbow Roller by LALO® is a next-level facial roller made of a unique combination of seven natural crystals with different skin benefits. Experience the superior synergistic sensation of seven semiprecious stones in one roller.

Unique seven semiprecious stones and the skin benefits they are praised for. 

  1. Red Jasper: for its protective properties
  2. Red Aventurine: for reenergizing the skin.
  3. Yellow Jade: for its stimulating & energetic effects.
  4. Green Aventurine: for soothing stressed skin.
  5. Lapis Lazuli: for having a calming effect on the complexion.
  6. Sodalite: for its radiance-boosting properties.
  7. Amethyst: for sooting highly sensitized skin.

 Benefits of The Rainbow Roller by LALO®

  • Proper Lymphatic drainage depuffs the cheeks and under-eye bags as well as diminishes dark circles. 
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage- the body’s main detoxification system and boost oxygen flow.
  • A calming facial massage and a cooling sensation for relaxing and de-stressing.
  • The Rainbow Roller reveals your youthful vitality leaving skin with lifted and sculpted facial contours.
  • Gentle massaging stimulates collagen production, minimizing wrinkles and fine lines.
  • It helps tighten and reduce the appearance of pores.
  • It also allows better absorption of serum and The Face Oil.
  • The Rainbow Roller works to improve texture, tone, clarity and luminosity.
  • Metaphysically, the unique combination of crystals brings balance, happiness, and inner peace in addition to its renowned skin benefits.

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