Get that top-to-toe-glow with our newest CBD skincare product: The Body Oil

Whether you’re showing some skin or just want a peachy-soft peel all over, this is your way to say bye to dry for good. Meet the brand-new addition to LALO’s premium CBD skincare range: The Body Oil. This CBD Body Oil is formulated to keep your skin glowing and moisturized.


Give your body the love it deserves

Fact: we take better care of our face than our body. While most of us have an extensive skincare routine twice a day, we can’t seem to find the time for a quick TLC moment for our body. Working out or working ‘in’ (aka sitting behind your desk all day): your body deserves some attention too.


Whilst your body’s skin is mostly thicker than your face’s, it’s drier too. Your body has less oil glands producing sebum, your skin’s natural oils. As we age this production will decrease even more, leaving your skin looking dull and lacking moisture. This means there’s work to do.


Wave your dry skin goodbye for now and forever

There are few things you can do to keep your body from parching and keep the glow going. Let the following steps be the start of your new body care routine.

  1. Keep it short: Do you have the tendency to jump in the shower twice a day to stay fresh? Although we love the effort, your skin won’t thank you for it. The natural barrier of your skin, consisting of oil, water and so called natural moisturizing factors will be stripped when you use a body wash or soap. The more your skin is exposed to water, the drier it will be. If you wish to shower often, please keep it short and sweet.

  2. Keep it cool: While we all can enjoy a long, steamy hot shower, warm water affects your skin barrier even more. Keep the water temperature under 40 degrees so your skin remains happy.

  3. Keep it low: While AC or central heating might feel like life saviors, they’re actual skin enemies. They can drain the skin because of the dry air and humidity (in case of central heating) these temperature controllers spread.

  4. Keep it smooth: Despite your efforts to minimize all dehydrating factors, the holy grail to get glowing skin is moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! While body lotions, butters and creams are great, a body oil goes the extra mile. By using a body oil, you literally provide food for your skin. When oils are absorbed by the skin, the top layer will treat them as its own and can repair and moisturize the skin in that way.


Get your glow on with the new CBD Body Oil

Looking for the perfect body oil to keep your skin glowing? Please allow us to fill you in on our new luxurious CBD Body Oil.

Since you are reading this we assume you know a few things about CBD Skincare. (just in case you’re new to this, you might want to read our blog to learn more about CBD in skincare) Just as for your face CBD skincare has great benefits for your body as well. Our new CBD skincare product The Body Oil is developed with glowing, healthy skin in mind.

The CBD Body Oil contains broad spectrum CBD, which is a true star player for a variety of skin issues. The antioxidant properties of CBD do not only work amazing combatting dull skin, it also fights against visible signs of aging and uneven skin texture. HELLO GLOW!

Additionally, the formula consists of a variety of remarkable oils such as hemp seed oil, primrose oil, apricot kernel oil, rice bran oil, broccoli seed oil, jojoba and grape seed oil. They all have their own great benefits and promote smooth, silky soft and glowing skin. Extracts like green tea are added to the mix for powerful hydration and a boost in circulation to fight puffiness and create a more toned look.


The guidelines to glow

Applying body oil is all about timing. They work better when you just hopped out of the shower, since they work ‘occlusive’. This means that the oil forms a protective layer over the skin, locking water in and prevent trans-epidermal water loss.

The fast absorbing properties of this CBD Body Oil make it easy to use and ideal for a quick hydration boost after a beach day and get your skin ready for long Indian summer nights. Also the subtle golden glow makes it great for dabbing on your legs or collarbones before dinners or parties year-round.

Let this day be the start of a new healthy habit: taking those two minutes after every wash to massage this body oil into your skin. This will be a no-brainer routine soon, pinky promise!