Why CBD is the next big thing in beauty

Hey gorgeous, new to the CBD world? Or keen to find out more about the surge of CBD – yes, cannabis – in terms of skincare and wellbeing? Please allow us to demystify.  

Take note: CBD is a true herbal hero that’s taking over the world of beauty by storm. As more and more countries have legalized cannabis for medicinal use, this ingredient from the plant kingdom is no longer demonized. About time! It’s even become booming business in skincare. Why, you ask? Well, it could potentially benefit your skin in more ways than one. With the cannabis compound cannabidiol or CBD said to be a powerful soother for problem skin – from acne to eczema as well as anti-aging. Getting buzzed on your face cream? Wow, wouldn’t that be something! But CBD, sinking into the epidermis easily, works differently though. We’re talking the sturdy hemp plant – so incredibly strong it can grow and flourish in the most challenging of circumstances, like up a steep hill and in the desert. Here’s a deep dive into CBD that’s currently causing a long overdue and completely legal buzz the world over.  

‘Cannabinoids are hailed to help heal redness and overly sensitive or inflamed skin conditions such as eczema, flaking, dry skin or acne’

What exactly is CBD? 

First things first, unlike weed cookies CBD oil will not get you high! CBD is popular as an actual oil for its relaxing purposes – a little drop to moderate stress, so you feel less frazzled – but also infused in the latest cutting-edge clean skincare. The low-down: cannabis is loosely described as the umbrella term for marijuana or hemp. Close cousins, since they are both derived from plants in the Cannabacea family. Yet not interchangeable! CBD (short for cannabidiol) comes from hemp. Hemp contains at most 0.3-percent THC – this psychoactive element that gets you stoned – which is close to nothing. It does, however, feature a very rich source of CBD. Simply put: marijuana is a high THC-variety of cannabis plant, hemp a high-CBD variety of cannabis plant. Hemp seed oil (cannabis sativa seed oil) is cold pressed from the seeds that contain no THC and very small amounts of CBD. In a nutshell, CBD is known to alleviate anxiety plus help soothe inflammation, fight aging and work its wonders on both very dry and acne-prone skin.

More questions about CBD full spectrum vs broad spectrum? You’ll probably find the answer here.


‘Make sure that your CBD product of choice doesn’t just list hemp seed oil, but also Broad Spectrum CBD’ 

Why would you use CBD on your skin?

Glad you asked! One of the reasons the cannabis plant has featured throughout human history is that our bodies have native receptors of cannabinoids (what experts dub the endocannabinoid system), especially under the surface of the skin. This makes hemp extracts incredibly bioavailable and allows them to be instantly absorbed by your skin to work their magic. Cannabinoids are hailed to help heal overly sensitive skin, redness or inflamed conditions such as eczema, flaking, dry skin or acne. The adaptogenic extract is highly 'sebostatic', meaning it supports the regulation of skin's sebum synthesis leading to fewer pimples, spots and blackheads. CBD also makes for an excellent moisturizer – please meet The Face Cream – for all skin types. 

What are the best CBD beauty products? 

There’s clearly a ‘gold rush’ in cannabis-derived skincare, so do get yours from a trustworthy source! At LALO® Skincare every batch of CBD is tested for purity and potency. While most skincare products boasting CBD only list cannabis sativa oil (or hemp seed oil) as an active ingredient this won’t leave your skin with a whole lot of CBD. Sure, hemp seed oil is a nice, light, non-comedogenic oil with great benefits. Just make sure that your CBD product of choice also lists Broad Spectrum CBD. Additionally, our formulas blend together high-quality CBD with other sought-after botanicals. Not to mention, LALO® Skincare’s story started with founder Maria Kerstens’ personal experiment of adding CBD to her skincare routine. She got so psyched by the results that she couldn’t help but share the love with the launch of her very own CBD skincare line. We’re confident you’ll love it as much as we do, and it will leave your skin with a never-before-seen glow. Now let’s get beaming!